Choose Newcastle for your Stag or Hen Do!


Everybody knows that Newcastle is one of the best cities in the United Kingdom; it constantly sits at the top of the polls and has been a popular location of choice for tourists and students the world over. Naturally, the thriving appeal of the city also means that a lot of people end up coming here for their stag and hen parties. In fact, Newcastle in the number one city of choice for stags and hen’s looking to celebrate their upcoming weddings.

Well, it’s not hard to see why. For one, Newcastle is known for its welcoming and friendly atmosphere; we love meeting new people and it’s this friendliness that keeps people coming back. The city is also known for its lively nightlife, with plenty of prime locations and well-known pubs for you to visit, giving you a warm place to enjoy good food and drink.


Aside from the initial, obvious draws that Newcastle has to offer, there are plenty of reasons to come to Newcastle for your stag do or hen party. For one, Fury Events is located only 12 miles outside of the city!

We know that stag and hen parties are a lot different to how they used to be, and we know that more and more people coming to the city are looking for more than just cheap drinks and a good night life; we know that you’re looking for stag and hen activities in Newcastle as well. Well, we’re here to give you just that. Our qualified staff offer thrills and fun to stag and hen parties all over in the form of various extreme sports activities, and we’ll cater to you to make sure you have the best time possible with us.

We’re all about excitement, and our 2,500 acres of land allow us to put on plenty of different activities depending on what it is you’re after. If you fancy engaging your mates in a pulse-pounding race, then why not come to us for a quad biking weekend? It’s definitely one of our most popular activities, but we’ve got plenty of other things for you to enjoy and plenty of ways for you to get your kicks.

If you fancy something a bit different, we’ve got rage buggy racing (another popular option with our visitors), clay pigeon shooting, archery and even 4X4 driving. You can mix and match these great activities to make up an exciting afternoon or just pick one, it’s up to you! Our outdoor activity centre is the best that you’ll find in the North East and we’re happy to say that we have something for everyone, from the bravest adventurers to the group that just wants to try something new.

And because we want your stag do Newcastle to be as memorable an experience as you deserve, we offer discounted packages to stag and hen parties so you can make the most out of your time with us. Spending a day with Fury Events can be a great way to inject some adrenaline into your celebrations. We’re experienced, qualified, safe and ready to help you enjoy the ride of your life!